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About us


This is a Family Law Firm, with exposure in all aspects of divorce law.We represent clients in stages of divorce proceedings, from inception through trial or settlement. Our first approach is from a settlement perspective, always encouraging the client to work with the end goal in mind and with an eye towards minimizing the emotional impact of divorce; however, if a reasonable settlement is not within reach, We fully represent our clients in court to ensure that their interests and rights are protected.

We have built our practice which devotes itself exclusively to Family Law matters including Divorce, Annulment, Child/Spouse Support, Domestic Violence, restraining orders, Maintenance, Property division ,family law mediation and all other related issues. We have handled multiple cases, including difficult contested divorces to simpler ones. In addition, have been instrumental in developing alternatives to the traditional litigation process as a means for resolving marital disputes amicably, gracefully in a dignified manner. We believe that much of the damage caused by divorces can be prevented, if individuals understand their options and are able to obtain right guidance. When children are involved it is more complex and hence it is important that families develop communication skills and learn how to resolve conflict in a respectful manner. Clients come to us in a time of need and are often in the midst of one of the most traumatic periods of their lives and the lives of their children. We understand that the most important thing that we must do is-listen, to their concerns and goals. Then use our knowledge and expertise to help the client resolve those concerns and achieve those goals.